Mother’s Day Sale

When Flowers Weep

by Karin Boutall

Sale Priced at $.99

April 25th through May 2nd

It is early spring and garden shop owner, Joan Louen, is ready for another robust planting season. Flats of flowers, herbs and vegetables, all nurtured from seed, are ready for sale. But what she didn’t expect, was seeing her teenage son struggle with his first love. Will he learn that beauty is no substitute for true love?

Nor did she anticipate the local beekeeper’s stunning loss of bees. And when called upon to help find a solution, she jumps at the chance, believing that her years of horticulture work and study have prepared her for the challenge. But is a solution even possible, or will more mysteries unravel?

When Flowers Weep, is the second novella in the Community Gardens series and returns to Sand Hill Cove, Mississippi, a thriving small town with close-knit friends and entrepreneurs. It is a story of relationships with a hint of romance and a bit of mystery.

Balance is key
Balance is key


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