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Community Gardens Series, my debut into fiction, are mainstream women’s stories with a touch of suspense and a hint of romance, set in the beautiful Gulf Coast of Mississippi. Centered around a lovely Garden center, trouble abounds, only to be resolved with the help of friends and community. These relationship driven stories are certain to warm your heart. So pull out the lemonade, sit in the garden and enjoy!



KARIN WILSON, a graduate of the University of Colorado, retired from a financial services career to pursue a Master Gardener Certification and write full-time, under the pen name Karin Boutall.

She received her certification from Mississippi State University and currently holds the position of Program Committee Chairperson for Jackson County Master Gardeners.  As Program Chair, she plans and coordinates all events and programs. As a volunteer, she gives her time to community projects, delivers event speeches and writes for the Master Gardener newsletter.

Karin is the recipient of the Blanch, Young, McNeil Award in Creative Writing; and the author of Community Gardens, a mainstream, garden-based, fiction series.

She owns a Bed and Breakfast on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and has had the honor of hosting guests from twenty-one different countries.  In her spare time, she enjoys long-distance bicycling, kayaking and gardening with Sandy, the neighbor’s adorable cat.

Great Mouser

Contact information:

Website: karinboutallblog.wordpress.com

Email: karinboutall@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karinboutallauthor

Twitter @karinboutall

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