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 The Gestalt Gardener

Back in the House

Friday, September 8, 2017, 4:00 PM

Felder Rushing is back in the studio, throwing the best garden party around. Fresh from his European trip Felder is ready to help with your southern gardens. With talk of roses, hydrangeas, and apple chilling hours this is just another garden party where everyone is invited.

One of my favorite podcasts, The Gestalt Gardener, by Felder Rushing, is an entertaining, garden-advice radio show from MPR, Think Radio. Each week on Saturday mornings, Felder Rushing takes calls from Mississippians and helps them find solutions to garden problems. It’s a relaxed, fun, hour of listening to Felder who is known for playing his famous “cheesy-music” on occasion. Enjoy.

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I Speak Meow


I recently rummaged up this photo of Princess, my eighteen year-old cat. Boy, she looked grumpy, yet I hadn’t noticed between all the nose kisses, mouse plays, cat-post scratching and napping she loved to do.

Three weeks ago, her mews told me it was time to see the vet. Before going, I made a quick call to Jesus hoping for a divine intervention. It didn’t happen. Instead, I recalled my father saying that good people don’t let animals suffer. So Princess and I drove off to visit the vet.

I told the vet how her meows had changed, and how we had been best buddies for so long.

“Knowing love, especially for so long, is a blessing,” the vet assured me. “But sometimes letting go can be the kindest gift of all.”

And so, on that advice, I let my Princess move-on and ended her suffering that the kidney failure had caused.

She is in a better place, and I am forever grateful that for many years, I spoke meow.