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First Grade 1933 Council Bluffs Iowa Ben Franklin Elementary School
Council Bluffs Iowa

These children attended first grade in 1933 during the Great Depression.  Even though money, food and jobs were scarce, they still obtained an eduction.  When they graduated from high school, the Depression lifted as the United States entered World War II. Then came rationing to support the war.  After the war, they created the American middle-class: home ownership rose, poverty declined.   Later in life, these children would be known as the Greatest Generation: resourceful, humble, hearty.  Not only did they survive enormous challenges of economic disparity and war, they created a prosperous society.  These first graders were our greatest hope for a new age.  And they still are.

So, if any one has information or knows the story of a child in this photo, please share the story.

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Celebrate Spring: Community Gardens, a novella

 Plant yourself carefully

$.99 on Amazon

April 15th to 21st



When a recently widowed horticulturist decides to return to the peaceful small town where she met and married her husband, she hopes to quietly raise her son. Determined to start over and create a new life, she restores a run-down antebellum house and the surrounding acreage, turning it into a thriving garden center. But when she attempts to install a community garden near the local library, she soon discovers that digging in the garden can reveal more than dirt.

Coming Soon: Dance Upon a Field

Dance UPon a Field BookCoverImageRoz Dells tossed a foreclosure notice in the trash. Ridiculous! She had made her payments and could not be bothered by spam. The library’s Seed Exchange Program was about to launch, and she was in charge.

But when a demand notice to stop the Program arrives, she wonders- is this spam or something more sinister? Dance Upon a Field is a story about friendships and the power of community to band together.


Due April 2016


The spelling-phobic novelist

imageThat is me, but no sympathies, please. You see, as a spelling-phobic writer, I feel blissful every time I spell a word correctly. It’s like finding the perfect flower for your garden.

Remember when you learned phonics in second grade? A,e,i,o, and u? You learned how to sound-out words. You could hear the difference between per and pre. Not so for me!

However, I discovered The Free Dictionary’s wonderful little speaker that sounds out words I misspell, and it has helped tremendously. So now, on the eve of my sixtieth year, I am finally learning to write!

P.S. Ditch the spellcheck. Then you’ll learn to spell.

After the Storm

image image

A full moon at high-tide caused quite a bit of flooding after last night’s torrential rains. Nevertheless, this morning, Ms. White and Mr. Brown, aka blue-beard, are getting along together rather well after the storm. If only we could all be like the cranes in the bayou.