Coming Soon: Dance Upon a Field

Dance UPon a Field BookCoverImageRoz Dells tossed a foreclosure notice in the trash. Ridiculous! She had made her payments and could not be bothered by spam. The library’s Seed Exchange Program was about to launch, and she was in charge.

But when a demand notice to stop the Program arrives, she wonders- is this spam or something more sinister? Dance Upon a Field is a story about friendships and the power of community to band together.


Due April 2016


Halloween Special

 Plant yourself carefully, especially on Halloween


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Saturday October  24th through October 31



When a recently widowed horticulturist decides to return to the peaceful small town where she met and married her husband, she hopes to quietly raise her son. Determined to start over and create a new life, she restores a run-down antebellum house and the surrounding acreage, turning it into a thriving garden center. But when she attempts to install a community garden near the local library, she soon discovers that digging in the garden can reveal more than dirt.



Stop mono-cropping, looking at the same blade of grass is dull. The world is a better place when we share.

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Just Around the Corner


It may be cold. It may be snowy; but Spring is just around the corner. So, it’s a good day to curl into a good book, preferably about spring or summer, and enjoy the quiet time.

For starters, here’s a few book ideas:

A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. Non-fiction tale about one man’s quest to hike the Appalachia Trail.

Voices in Summer by Rosamunde Pilcher. Contemporary-fiction about a Cornwell couple’s vacation to the Scottish Highlands.

– Any Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christy novel to take your mind off grey skies-

More  suggestions are welcome!

Stay warm.


Review: The Lost Heirs, by A. Moran-Soley


When I saw “The Lost Heirs” on a blog, I decided to read this new author, A. Moran-Soley, and am delighted I did. The story is rich with suspenseful and intriguing descriptions that kept me turning pages. One of my favorites: “Long grasses waved back and forth in a peaceful way that reminded him of a snake being charmed.” The author creates a journey that glides effortlessly across sci-fi, historic, and realistic worlds.

The story begins when Eric, a British boarding school student, falls into the world of Elsha and discovers a prince who is desperately trying to find his brothers. Eric, along with his friends, commits to helping the prince and embarks on an adventure through worlds known and unknown.

I have respect for fiction writers. The task of creating memorable characters in a fictitious world is difficult and A. Moran-Soley excels at doing so in contemporary and unusual settings. Her writing reminded me of Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia. And, if I may borrow a quote from the author, this book made me feel as if I were driving off in a “nippy green car with no roof.”

Loved it, and can not wait for the next book, The Second Stone, due out in March.