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When Flowers Weep

by Karin Boutall

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April 25th through May 2nd

It is early spring and garden shop owner, Joan Louen, is ready for another robust planting season. Flats of flowers, herbs and vegetables, all nurtured from seed, are ready for sale. But what she didn’t expect, was seeing her teenage son struggle with his first love. Will he learn that beauty is no substitute for true love?

Nor did she anticipate the local beekeeper’s stunning loss of bees. And when called upon to help find a solution, she jumps at the chance, believing that her years of horticulture work and study have prepared her for the challenge. But is a solution even possible, or will more mysteries unravel?

When Flowers Weep, is the second novella in the Community Gardens series and returns to Sand Hill Cove, Mississippi, a thriving small town with close-knit friends and entrepreneurs. It is a story of relationships with a hint of romance and a bit of mystery.

Balance is key
Balance is key


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A recently widowed horticulturist, Joan Louen, decides to return to the peaceful small town where she married so she can concentrate on raising her son. Determined to start over and create a new life, she restores a run-down antebellum house and its surrounding acreage, turning it into a thriving garden center. But when she attempts to install a community garden near the local library, she soon discovers that digging about the garden can reveal more than dirt.

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Community Gardens by Karin Boutall

Community Gardens

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When Joan Louen, owner of Community Gardens, hears that the bees have vanished from Buzz Egan’s hives, she vows to find an answer. But will she be able to save the bees, or is it to late? Will lone kayaker, Cal Readon, find clues in his research on the nearby bayou? Will  Mayor Sara Coach, be able to protect other beekeepers from the same fate as Buzz? Or, will they uncover more mysteries along the murky waters of the Moctobi Bayou?

Set along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, When Flowers Weep is an entertaining novella that takes a thought-provoking look at the natural world.

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